Step 5: Setting up your screen for print

Now that the tough part is over, here comes the semi easy part. Printing.

I’m sure all of you have aspirations on what medium to print on, be it T-shirts, posters, metal sheets, tote bags, aluminum plates, hoodies, jackets, even underwear. You may apply this concept to any of the above and all you really need is the right paint and mesh type. However, let’s focus on one thing at a time. I’m here to talk about textile, mainly T-shirts for it’s the most popular.

What you need:

  • Screen
  • Clear tape or Brown paper tape
  • Ruler

brown sticky paper

Measure about an inch and a half from the edges of your screen. Now tape all 4 sides (I use brown paper tape) to stop any paint that might leak out during printing.

brown sticky paper tape sides
tape all four sides to avoid leakage

Let it dry out. Use a fan.

drying taped screen
drying taped screen

Step 6. Screen printing your first t-shirt

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